Battery Desulfator

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Battery Desulfator

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Product Information

Batteries often fail because “sulfates” slowly develop and cover the battery plates. This sulfating process also weakens the electrolyte and this combined with the gradual coating of the plates slowly and almost imperceptibly reduces the battery’s ability to receive, store, and then deliver power.

This sulfating process gradually impairs battery function and causes a capacity loss until the battery can no longer perform the desired task and so the battery is deemed to have “failed”.

However, using an Auto Pulse Battery Desulfator can reverse the process by dissolving the sulfates, cleaning the plates, and restoring the electrolyte strength so improving a battery’s life and capacity for an extended period.

The Auto Pulse Battery Desulfator / Rejuvenator / Recovery unit uses no external power and generates a high-frequency pulse to dissolve the battery's “sulfates”. 

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